A discussion about the readings of Edgar Cayce and the accuracy of his information

I am very interested in the readings of the American psychic Edgar Cayce, particularly the historical information he provided on Atlantis, ancient Egypt, the story of Jesus, and the origin of man. It is believed that Cayce drew his information from what we call the Akashic Record. Can the information provided by Cayce be accepted as accurate and therefore a factual account of ancient civilizations and the history of mankind.

For each being speaks of their truth, you must understand that it first must go through their filter, that that they be, who they accept. So this being must firstly have accepted these issues and understand before speaking them. Not all of them are completely of truth, but this one wanted that understanding to be known.

So, it’s believed that he was drawing this information from this Akashic Record. One assumes that it is like we would go to a library and do research in a historical library. Was he just tapping into that record?

That record does not exist, my blessed one. Rather it is the oneness, the all-information. Many beliefs have given names and conditions and limitations. It is limitless the amount of information that can be gleaned, from not only the One, but also from other dimensions. The human condition always wants to have a label, a name, when in truth it simply comes from spirit, the energy that is provided.

You have the most amazing desire for truth. You seek it in many ways, and it is quite wondrous. You have called this being to be close to you from time to time, and this being now struggles with many things that have been written and said. You see, my dear, not all the things that were spoken were written down. There were editors and there were those that put limitations to all of the things that were said, and it caused great stress for that being.

So, if you were to try, you probably could hear this being yourself, by asking the questions, and sitting, and listening. You could have pen and paper if you feel it might move through your being that way, or just simply listen, and speak it as it comes to you.

When you have a great desire for the information of one being that spoke to many, you definitely draw the energy of that being close to you. No, we are not asking this one to reappear, or stop their growth in any way, but you’re causing their energy to come close, and thus you can ask, yourself, exactly what was meant by all of these things.

In the time of much of that speaking there was a limitation of words and a great need to put form and fact into ways. You have come now at a time when the form is not needed and just simply the understanding has to be–each a responsibility.

All of his writings are the account as the stenographer took them down, so there are difficult sometimes to interpret, but there is the perception that they haven’t being edited in any way.

That is wrong … they were.

I suppose the stenographer taking it down, it has to go through his or her filter as well. And he was very religious as a young man, and this whole time, bible school teacher and very involved in the church, so his readings were very contradictory to his beliefs, and that’s why I always thought that there was no filter because his readings were actually contradictory to what he himself believed.

Yes, but that was his test for himself. He wanted to trust in all manner of ways, he wanted to know all truths, and he drew in a great deal of information. But as far as records, it exists as every word that is spoken exists. You know this, your physics tells you these sounds do not ever stop; they keep moving. It is present in your energies. Nothing is ever erased.

He was a dear and gentle man, but he had to fight a great deal of negativity. He was treated severely when he was a child, and had great difficulties. He wanted to heal the world.

One of his books that I find very interesting was on the story of Jesus, so I can’t say I’m not disappointed to hear that it is not all factual, because now, whatever you read, you’re not sure whether this is truth or that is truth. But that particular set of readings, largely speaking, were they accurate?

To some degree, yes. Again, through this one’s filter and this one’s need for that one to be a certain way.

Is there a particular area of his readings, like Atlantis or Egypt that should be considered less accurate?

You are an amazing being, my child. You see, truth lies within each being. He was seeking his truth. You must seek yours. You were actually dwelled in the time of Atlantis, and if you were to give yourself enough time and space you would understand completely how about it. Does it matter his perspective? It matters yours.

As you were all told many times, the past is great, it is wonderful fodder for growth and movement, but now you have come to be present in what is called the Overturn (of Souls), so that that was is not, that that shall be is new. Yes, wisdom, but not in the same way, and understanding of the energy of who you be and the need to proceed in the new unstructured way.

Many of his teachings and his desires was to help others follow, to follow his truth, that it is only his way, and now this being truly understands that each being must find their own. It is an individual time, and often a fearful time with people … need to hold onto something in order to find their way. But why not glean the information, what feels right for you and your being? What does resonate in your spirit? That should be your truth, and it matters not what I say of it.