You will never falter if you stand in love

A guide talks about psychic development

What specific education on psychic development do I need?

None. Absolutely none. Trust in yourself. Breathe deeply of every moment. For each experience in your day is an opportunity, a deep well to learn from. Drink deep from your life. You in your mindset limit yourself by feeling you must have permission, whether it be from a certificate, a course, a label. Those are earthly things, it is true. They do not belong on your spirit. You manifested this body and you are angry with it in many ways and frustrated. Love it. Love it and give it permission to be.

Those who need facts to stand strong falter when the facts are broken. And dearest one, every theory and every thought, every way to be in your physical world will be at some time broken. Be the light that you are my child. Be strong in who you be. You will never ever falter if you stand in love. How could it be so simple just to stand in love? But if you stand in love you will have clarity in the moment, to hold the hand that reaches to you, to give support for one who falters, to hold them back from the brink. If you do not stand in your own strength… Well, bless you my child, for you are loved.


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