How to make a strong connection with your spirit guides, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

How to make a strong connection with your spirit guides

How to make a strong connection with your spirit guides, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

Who is my guide and how do I make the connection to get the help I need?

Well these beings have quite a problem giving out names because they’ve had so many. And they might give you a name that doesn’t portray who they truly feel they want to be known as. And some names, truly most names, limit a being quite a bit. And if you understand that the energy of your guides doesn’t have limitations. They have vibrational sounds but that doesn’t help you in the physical world.

Know that you have exactly two right now, because you are being very, very hard on yourself. And they are working hard with you to try to round the edges, in other words to help you soften your approach on yourself and love yourself much more, my dear.

So she has two guides and how could she make the connection stronger to receive their help?

By communicating with them—that you’re not afraid to hear from them; that you’re willing to hear or have some form of communication. And know that it will take a while to develop it. It may take a while to develop it. Maybe you could create something that just you and the guide would know. You don’t have to speak out loud when it’s your entity. You could just say: every time I see a penny it’s you communicating with me, or a certain flower, or… some sort of little sign that they are with you. Many beings actually see a little blue light in the corner of their eyes and that truly is the energy of their being with them. I’m afraid my dear it is up to you to work out communication with these beings.

When she creates and image or a symbol and puts that forward in her mind and asks, then that will be their signal to her.

Yes, but then she must be still and be open to it. And don’t expect it right at that very moment. It is the path of least resistance. If you try so very hard you will limit yourself. You must be open and calm and your own truth will radiate.

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    Jane’s next event on August 27 is about communicating with your spirit guides. Click on Events on the menu for more information.

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