A guide explains the difference between spirit guides and beings between lives

I’ve felt the guides’  presence for many years. I want to ask about a night when I went to sleep after what felt like an eternity, and then as I awoke I heard them loud and clear. Was it a message? I’d like to know what they were talking about behind my back while I was asleep.

Those were not guides, my dear. Those were beings in between lives. They were having a great conversation. Your guides were present. But when you hear voices where someone is talking about you behind your back it truly is a being that believes they are still present.

Your guides will speak to you whenever you want them to. You are very intuitive. You know that if you simply ask a question they will give you an answer. You hear it. You don’t always trust it but you hear it. You can sense in every cell of your being whether something is right for you or wrong for you.

You’re always going to be sensitive to the presence of those that might be trapped between lifetimes. Nothing to worry about. They can be confused, and a little obnoxious, as you have experienced. But there is nothing to be feared. Remember to say that you are the one in the physical world and that you need the rest.

I welcome them.

They know they are welcome and they also know that if you speak to them they will answer you. Beings that are trapped between lifetimes consider themselves still alive and you can only speak with them out loud. What you say in your heart and your head is heard by your entities or guides. These ones in between are just there with you. They’re continuing their life. And they’re not alone. And you’re not alone.


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