How can we know when it’s fear talking and when is it our intuition?

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How do you get in touch with that? How do you trust? Firstly, be in the moment. Do you know what that is? Don’t be in yesterday or tomorrow. Don’t be at the end of the five-year plan or back where you had the big fight. Be in the moment, right now—especially with children, and [...]

When you are confused, go to a place where the wind can touch your face

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I recently moved to the coast and wonder what that is going to look like for me. Am I meant to be here? Well, relocating is somewhat of a strange thing. When a person goes away and comes back it is never the same. Remember that, it will be a different experience. Your future is entirely up to you [...]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Women, judge yourself against no other. You are in a unique and wonderful experience. Draw upon the Grandmother Wisdom that you all possess. All things are possible when you hold your world with unconditional love. Love, Jane   Image inspired by Yaoqi Lai Unsplash  

A new year, a new world

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A beautiful high guide, we refer to as the Teacher, shared this message. Hello. You dwell in a new world, so approach it this way. Do not expect old learning and old teachings to fulfill the world you are now present in. Be creative. Be open. Release your ability to judge others, but see them for who they be. Allow [...]

It’s a time of understanding one’s whole path and all the beings in it

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Conversation with a spirit guide about what happens after death I’ve been on a journey with a very tortured soul and he passed a month ago. And I’m was hoping to find if he has some peace on the other side. Dear one, feel that pain of loss. It’s a very human experience you are [...]

Seek the energy of the highest

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Adrian - Greetings, I want to ask you about spirit guides, helpers, beings; from higher realms. Realms like Holy Kingdom, Resia, Oranath and Monequis.   A few people work with guides/beings like angels, fairies, dragons, genies, unicorns etc. from these higher realms. I know that is not very common for many people to work with spirits like [...]

A conversation about DNA

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Why do we humans have junk DNA and will that ever serve a higher purpose? That is nonsense, there is no such thing as junk DNA.  Every part of that amazing lineup of, well, it turns into cellular form, but it is created by spirit.  Nothing that spirit creates is junk as it all has [...]

A conversation about extraterrestrial beings

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Have other beings from other planets visited Earth?  One of the previous NASA astronauts, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, has been outspoken of the existence of alien contact and that the government retains this information as top secret or classified.  I recently read about historical accounts from the 1960's at Nellis Air Force base and alleged contacts with [...]

Do you see what’s in your “Spiritual Toolbox?”

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We've asked the spirit guides if they can assist us with some "tools" that we can use in our daily lives. Once a week one of the guides will bring forward a message, or a teaching, on this topic.   We invite you to share our site and the messages of the guides with those you [...]

Words for one who desires a sense of belonging, of feeling safe and loved

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Oh blessed one, I’m not surprised you’re weary of it. You have endured trauma in many ways, and your nervous system does over react. But you have to ask yourself in the true sense of who you be:  What do you want? If you want that peace, if you want to feel strong and safe, [...]

A conversation…trying to understand our world now

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Joanna - When people send in questions with nothing more than a name which may or may not be real, how is it that the guides can focus in on who is asking and what they really need to hear?  (Joanna's questions/comments are noted below in green) If you wish to listen to the audio [...]