A conversation about DNA


Why do we humans have junk DNA and will that ever serve a higher purpose?

That is nonsense, there is no such thing as junk DNA.  Every part of that amazing lineup of, well, it turns into cellular form, but it is created by spirit.  Nothing that spirit creates is junk as it all has purpose.  It may cause chaos in one’s being.  It may open and react at a time when a learning is necessary.  It may become morphed into that that might not be as acute and perfect as was intended.  But nothing is junk.  Forgive me for interrupting, now continue your question.

The DNA that appears to be dormant will that ever be activated?

Yes, if it needs to be.  Does this mean you will turn into cavemen and start running around in robes?  No.  Just as the human condition has brought forward that that is needed for this promise to be fulfilled, it will be used in a way that is acceptable.

Your vibrational code, you would probably even think has junk in it as well.  Yes, there were times in your previous existences that didn’t seem to matter a whole lot, but it was still taken in and absorbed.  Nothing about you is junk.

I guess that question was disrespectful considering the creation is from source.  Scientists don’t understand what the use is.

They want to. They want to be able to hold it in their hands and it frustrates them beyond understanding how they want to not believe in a greater source, in an energy that cannot be held, or let go of.  It is and that frustrates them.  They will break all of their rules and they will learn greater things.  But there will always be some that struggle. That is their growth.

I want to believe that all of this collection and information about DNA will be used for positive and good and I don’t want to be fearful, but I just worry that the racial profiling will come across somethere because we don’t seem to learn.

You will always have a new plague, whether it is racism, whether it is sexism.   You see you are in a learning ground. This is where it is all thrashed out.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Fear only holds you back from breathing  to your fullest extent and being who you need to be.

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