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Sun raysAdrian – Greetings, I want to ask you about spirit guides, helpers, beings; from higher realms. Realms like Holy Kingdom, Resia, Oranath and Monequis.   A few people work with guides/beings like angels, fairies, dragons, genies, unicorns etc. from these higher realms.

I know that is not very common for many people to work with spirits like these from higher realms, but I want to ask you how you can contact and work with these beings? I know that they can do much good to those who work with them. Thank you very much. Many blessings.

Blessed one, in your world right now you have many who need to put faces and names to the beings of the light.  Truly, it matters not.

When you ask, ask for the highest.   It matters not if you wish to call them by a certain name, it is the intent that is important.  If you seek that of the light you will seek information from that.  You may sometimes may have interference from your own conscious mind, whether you call this an ego, or a place of who you be, or what you need.  But always, if the information coming through does not feel right to you, trust this.  For that of the highest, you will feel an ease and uplifting joy that you are one with this being.

It matters not what you call them, it matters that you call them.  Those that will use different names as a diversion, something to give the conscious mind a picture or vision.  But in truth, my blessed one, in that simple act you have limited the being you seek. Beings of the light are limitless. They want not name.  They want not a vision. They are energy.  They are light; visualize energy, light.  The wonder of that is not contained in any one form, especially in your physical world.

Yes, they may have walked a life within it, or they may have always simply been a tale told by ancients.  Seek the energy of the highest and that is what you will receive.

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  1. Anne Mullens March 1, 2015 at 11:06 pm - Reply

    I would like the guides’s advice about how the western world, and we as individuals, should deal with the brutality, violence and apocalyptic goals of the ISIS movement in the Middle East. Their beheadings, burning alive of the Jordanian pilot, their smashing and destruction of ancient artifacts and their goals of spurring an “end of days” nihilism is appalling and bewildering. Boko Haram rivals them in brutality and destruction. How do we deal with groups like these, and the people who are drawn to their destructive agenda without resorting to violence to obliterate them. Or do we need, in fact, to fight violence with violence?

  2. 2cool4earthschool March 3, 2015 at 4:48 am - Reply

    Hello Ladies and Guides,

    I believe that many of the commentors on the blog suffer from the same issue regardless of what they ask. I believe that underlying issue is that feel like they don’t belong in the world and base this off of the way they are treated by friends, family and coworkers.

    Is this a vibrational issue like Abraham Hicks says, or a practical issue where people must behave in a certain way to merit respect? Are there mostly just new, judgmental souls on the planet or is it about half/half?

    How do people feel mistreated or alienated get others to respect them-by raising their vibration or by acting differently? To see the love in others who do not want to see the love in you in very hard because the minute one lets their guard down those people judge, attack and alienate.

    I am not sure how much of this you want to answer. So at the very least can you answer if it is true that we raise our vibration high enough and shift our focuses that negative people simply will not be able to enter our experiences? Because that is what seems to happen for me, and it is amazing. But the minute I shift my focus back to problems or what I DON’T like, negative people have access to me and feel like leaving this earth.

    So is the ultimate answer vibration? Can we just make the negative people leave our experience via law of attraction/vibration? This always works for me if I do it for long enough, like negative people somehow just leave or can’t effect me. It seems like people spend a lot of time worrying how to deal with issues of all sorts when it seems that their PRIMARY concern is that they feel unnaccepted, unloved and/or alienated and that all they need do is raise their vibration so that ALL negativity leaves in time.

    Thank you for the service you bring to this world.

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