Sun raysAdrian – Greetings, I want to ask you about spirit guides, helpers, beings; from higher realms. Realms like Holy Kingdom, Resia, Oranath and Monequis.   A few people work with guides/beings like angels, fairies, dragons, genies, unicorns etc. from these higher realms.

I know that is not very common for many people to work with spirits like these from higher realms, but I want to ask you how you can contact and work with these beings? I know that they can do much good to those who work with them. Thank you very much. Many blessings.

Blessed one, in your world right now you have many who need to put faces and names to the beings of the light.  Truly, it matters not.

When you ask, ask for the highest.   It matters not if you wish to call them by a certain name, it is the intent that is important.  If you seek that of the light you will seek information from that.  You may sometimes may have interference from your own conscious mind, whether you call this an ego, or a place of who you be, or what you need.  But always, if the information coming through does not feel right to you, trust this.  For that of the highest, you will feel an ease and uplifting joy that you are one with this being.

It matters not what you call them, it matters that you call them.  Those that will use different names as a diversion, something to give the conscious mind a picture or vision.  But in truth, my blessed one, in that simple act you have limited the being you seek. Beings of the light are limitless. They want not name.  They want not a vision. They are energy.  They are light; visualize energy, light.  The wonder of that is not contained in any one form, especially in your physical world.

Yes, they may have walked a life within it, or they may have always simply been a tale told by ancients.  Seek the energy of the highest and that is what you will receive.