We Are All Energy

Yes, old things talk to me. Not unlike our DNA, which we can leave on articles from our bodies, I believe we also have an energy DNA. That your energy rubs off on objects and places. Are they haunted? Some are, maybe, not all.

I’m mostly attracted to the old, what I call, workhorses. Time worn from many days of use. Big old cups and saucers, wooden butter bowls, an old silver spoon with a dent in it. As I hold them, I can feel all those that used them. I get a sense of continuation from them.

My traditions all have something old in them. It’s not that I feel they are from a better time. They weren’t the good old days. These old things make me feel that the human spirit is resilient. We can adapt, that change is good, and we can improve.

I’m sure many of us have something from a loved one that has passed. Holding it or wearing it makes us feel… well, one with them.

We are all energy moving in and out of experiences.

Sometimes it is nice to have something to hold.


You Are Not Alone

Photo of by Kirsten Pierce

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