ChangeIs there a natural treatment for menopause symptoms instead of using Estrogen and progesterone?

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There are many treatments for this passage of time. The most important one is how you believe it is. It is good to know that, in this time, the actual vibration of your body is shifting. Where it used to be very rooted and based within the lower part of the abdomen, it moves higher, to the heart, and to the head. Yes, you become much more esoteric, you become much more lofty. That is why often you will feel the movement of the energy so hot that you think you might leave this physical body.

So, if you understand that this is a positive thing and a very wondrous time in your life, not as a great negative or discomfort. That is where you begin. So, in order to help this movement with the spiritual change and evolution of your being, what is the best for it? Always movement, exercise. When the vibration quickens the body should quicken. If you do not feel like doing fast movement, then dance, wiggle, shake, giggle, laugh, move your body and allow the heat to escape.

As far as eating; eat food that is alive, that helps source this vibration. Sprouted things, things that are very fresh, not things that have been stored or preserved for a long time. Things that still have energy within them. Sleep, of course the essence of great change, but not something that is easily available when the body moves in such a way. So, take naps. Yes, when the spirit moves and you can’t sleep then do not worry that you will not have long expanses of sleep at this time – it will all come again, if you give yourself small catnaps, as they call them, which is truly wonderful, for truly that creature does sleep 18 hours per day. I don’t know why they think it is small enough.

And, of course, if you wish, you can take many of the different concoctions that are now available. Your society has come to the understanding that this is an element of the physical domain that should be put down, should be numbed or forgotten, or perhaps held at bay by certain estrogens that are present in the early stages of your evolution. You can, and do, choose many of these things , and they will help for a while, but you must allow this evolution to place, blessed one.

Oils, anointed on the body and ingested are helpful, for oils allow spiritual movement. Do not take things that numb you. Allow yourself to feel it, and don’t feel that it is negative – it is positive.

You have a great understanding of the medical world. You have been in the physical form of doctor and medical aid in many lifetimes, and so you have great understanding of it. Though you are still confused, as you have never truly embraced it. Bless you, my child.