Conversation with a spirit guide about what happens after death

I’ve been on a journey with a very tortured soul and he passed a month ago. And I’m was hoping to find if he has some peace on the other side.

Dear one, feel that pain of loss. It’s a very human experience you are having. You were wonderful. You were there, you were constant. Yes, you were frustrated and you were upset but you were there.  I am sure…. One moment.  (pause as guide connects with the being that had passed over)  He was amazed at flying. He’s amazed at flying. The freedom was unbelievable. He is well.

Well, you know this time of learning isn’t heaven. You don’t walk around with wings and harps and things like that. It’s not too dissimilar from where you be now. It’s very close. But it’s a time of understanding one’s whole path and all the beings that were present in it, and realizing what was done and what is yet to be done.  Or perhaps I could do a little better on something and I’ll come back and touch that one up a bit. It is a time of great learning. And this one can hear you and this one wants you not to be in pain and not to be tortured. And what you did was wonderful.

Is he at peace now and free from all the negativity and the torture?

Dearest one, in one’s soul and one’s spirit there are certain elements that need to be grown through. And in this time of learning those things are still present—because you know very well they were not resolved. He is not sitting around laughing and cheery, but he does understand all. He is not in the pain of the physical dimension, but is in the understanding of what did occur. And that there were choices that he could have made but he didn’t. And there is some feeling of regret; I’m not going to say that’s not true. But he is what you might call “at peace” as he’s in a place where there is not torture.