homeSandy – Hello, how do you call your energy back when after crossing paths with people they remain in your thoughts? Their energy is still attached to you after days . Thanks.

Well, you are wise to know this has occurred.   For with every individual you come to know, to be with, even if it is just for a small amount of time, a bond has been made.  Two energies have come together to create friction or wonderful peace, loving connection.

Those that you will have promises with, past lifetime experiences, are familiar energies and the bond will be of ease and stay with you.

If you could see what we see with the movement of energy between beings, you would see yourself and many silver ropes attaching you to others; some would be thick and full of energy, some would be wispy and light as perhaps like smoke.  But you are attached to all beings you communicate with, you touch, you send healing to, or you think of.

How to release yourself from this you would have to actually physically have to take time to cut that rope. But before you do this, ask yourself why?  For there is something in this you need to learn.  There is something in yourself you have been denying and something you are holding on to that holds this one that close.

Most of those that are light and wispy you can brush away by some physical actions and by some actual laughter. It charges and recharges your energy and then move your hands about your being as if sweeping away.

This one will not be as easy to do.  Bless you my child for asking.

When promises are fulfilled is there a natural way of letting them go?

If you think of them you are attached to them and nearly always you are. Don’t fear this.  It does not wrap around you choking you.  It means you have a great capacity to give and to receive.