Asking about a little boy who died long ago

P1080661It has been 30 years since the leaving of  my little son who died at age 9 and I wonder if you could tell me how he’s doing.

Though it might be hard for you to understand that he is well, he is so.

For there are not of course the physical difficulties. The spiritual difficulties were somewhat difficult for a while. But now he is becoming very much one with that that he experienced.

Being separated from you was very, very hard. I do believe you knew this. The tug on your heart was very, very strong.

I certainly felt it.

Try to celebrate not his leaving but just his being. For he is one with you now—but in a much more peaceful way, understanding you much more now. I know you would understand that he always felt that somehow life was a bit ridiculous. He was very wise and very few understood him. He understands much more about this now.

Of course he would have a teacher for a mother. That would only make sense to him. But often times felt that he was your teacher, and frustrated by it. In truth it is.  You were both teachers to one another. He is well my dear.

Is he contemplating returning to this plane or is there still work for him for him to do?

No, he is not yet. That will be his choice, of course.

Is he able to connect with my mother at all?

Yes. Yes. There is much laughter, if you can understand that without a body. There is much love and joyful communion. I don’t know how to put it into words for we do not talk to one another, we just be. And in spirit where he is, she, and your father and many others all celebrate together and get to know one another in a new and wonderful way.

It sounds nice, really nice….

Do not be sad my blessed one, for you do feel their presence. And that that they communicate to each other they communicate to you. That is why often you will feel this movement moving through you, just a sheer joy. It doesn’t have a name or a place; it just is. It is their communion with you.

That is wonderful to know. Thank you so much.

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