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This week’s message is about self love.

May I ask for those who did not receive unconditional love in childhood, how does one love one’s self?

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By understanding the wonder that you be.  A child does enter in with the understanding of loving one’s self.  They believe they are part of the world in a very important part. But the conscious mind is affected and changed through the attitude of the parents, the family, the society and the conditions.  What is it you say, nature, nurture?  But that spirit knows it is of God and sees God in all things and thus loving one’s self.

When you see God in all you know it is within you and you love yourself.  You don’t have to use the word God.  You could use any word, but you see that light that burns with all things.  You are one with it; that is loving yourself. That is honoring yourself and all manner of things; beings, conditions.  If you enter into all situations knowing you have free will, choice and how you present you, revered and respected the light within others and the light within you, is loving yourself.

It is not about a fine pair of shoes, a hat, or a ring.  It is not about a house, or a car.  I would have liked cars.  It is about seeing and being present and allowing all the same.  Love is used in many different ways in your world right now.  It is a postcard, it is written down, but very few truly know what it means.  It is the most pervasive energy.  It multiplies.  Wherever it is held, it divides and multiplies faster than anything you have any idea about.

That is how you grow.  It is through knowing your love and your love quickens with each element of growth that you allow it to exceed and be in.  Bless you for you are loved.