Missing a mother who has passed on

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Lianne lost her mother some years ago and she still feels her very close. She had a dream that she was driving with her mother and wonders if this was a message. Her mother is helping her, guiding her, directing her. The dream was the creation of Lianne’s need. The bond with the mother shall [...]

It’s a time of understanding one’s whole path and all the beings in it

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Conversation with a spirit guide about what happens after death I’ve been on a journey with a very tortured soul and he passed a month ago. And I’m was hoping to find if he has some peace on the other side. Dear one, feel that pain of loss. It’s a very human experience you are [...]

You are not following your mother’s path; you are on yours

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A guide speaks about a relationship with a mother who has passed over My mom passed some time ago and I fear I am following her same path of fear and guilt, although I have moved forward in some ways. I do hope she’s free of that fear and guilt and in a better place. [...]

Honour those you love by being the brilliant light you are

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Alexandria asks for words to help her cope with guilt and grief over the loss of her two children. I know you walk with such heaviness upon your earth. In many ways your senses are dulled because you feel you do not deserve to have any bright, amazing energy. I want you to reverse this [...]

A guide speaks about healing and miracles

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Ann writes: Dear Guides, A friend of mine has become palliative. She was very healthy up to a rapid deterioration two months ago. The specialists have not determined the cause or the illness. The MRI was not conclusive. What is happening to my friend medically? Is this part of one of her promises to experience [...]

A mother asks about the loss of her children

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E - Dear Guides, My son went missing a year ago, and my daughter died three months ago. Why have I lost both of my children? Audio Recording of this message click here: Mother Oh, dearest one, don’t insulate yourself from the world right now. Feel the pain.  Seek your answers.  Let the tears fall even [...]

Take time to feel the loss in the depths of your being

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Sheree: My husband passed away 5 months ago and I miss him so much. I also deal with the pain of fibromyalgia and grieving seems to have made worse, is there anything I can do for my body right now to help it through this process. Thank you. Spirit Guide: Dearest one, know that you are [...]

About the lives lost when the Malaysian plane was shot down

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Can I ask about the Malaysian aircraft that was shot down over the Ukraine recently. Was it just bad luck that those people were on the plane? For such a stupid thing, they just died. Yes, they did. They stepped away from the physical world. They offered their lives to fall into the torment and [...]

Talking with a guide about ghosts and apparitions

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K: We have some questions about apparitions. Ghosts, we think of as people who have passed away but they have not gone to spirit. They’re still here. Is that right? Guide: Yes, the word you use refers to people that have left the physical domain but their spirit has chosen not to go on, not [...]

Asking about medication effects when a person is dying

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Dearest guides – when a person passes over and is on a lot of medication or is perhaps in a state of delirium or advanced dementia, how does this impact on the person when he/she leaves their body? Does it take a bit longer for the individual to clearly understand what has transpired and do [...]