Meluque asked a further question about whether spirit guides are involved in the life experiences of other organisms besides humans on our earth.

Each organism has its own path and so, their own structures in which to support them. The more evolved vibrationally, the more need there is for different support systems. As you can imagine, Mother Energy, this great force that moves through all of us–me, without a body, but a vibrational state, an orb or whatever you wish to call me– I am one with this energy, but I’m still separate. I am not yet evolved to the place in which I can be one totally with this great and amazing energy. This great creator, this great life-giving force. It is the desire of all of the vibrational states to unite, to be drawn to this one energy. Total knowing, total simplicity. I can’t use words to truly explain what it is.

Do rocks have guides? Rock forms, vibrational forms. Do other planets have beings of life? Yes, oh yes. Other spheres, there are many of them. Other galaxies.

And so for each life form, there is spiritual assistance?

Yes, of course. You would not ever be alone.
And different organisms are on a different path, you said?
So a dog, for example wouldn’t evolve to be a person.
No. They don’t want to.

Yeah, (laughing) I can see why sometimes. So you’ve talked about how everyone desires that communion with Mother Energy. We have a glimpse of that feeling. I’ve heard the word “nirvana” used, or a feeling of oneness. Of course, we can’t really experience that while we’re in a body.
You can have seconds of that experience.
Yes, maybe just standing under a beautiful sky for a moment.
When you are filled with all that that is around you, when you are one with it, you are in this very moment.

And so, you spirit helpers then, are still evolving?
Oh, most definitely. Some very much. Some are universal beings you would call them, where they can be everywhere at once. Just like Mother Energy. Just like God, Tao, whatever name you wish to call that glue that holds us all together.