Eat foods close to the earth; find balance and harmony

The guidance for Kristine to eat wholesome vegetables made me think about what has happened to food in our society, especially those many products that have very little nutrition. It’s so difficult to eat well, and often costly. There are so many choices of unhealthy foods, refined products and chemical additives. I asked the guide how this happened. This was the response.

Evolution—not only of the food chain but of the spirit being. You know yourself there was a time when no food would lie rotting on the ground, when no fish would be tossed overboard if there were too much to be taken. Beings worked hard to bring forward what they needed. There was not the waste that we see now.

There is plenty of food in certain parts of the world and not enough in others. But it isn’t because the physical world cannot provide. There are those that have evolved great minds to create foods that taste very good but don’t have the earth in it. Your great Bible often spoke that you are made from the earth, and there is truth in this. But it is not so much the cells but vibration. To be present in the physical plane you must vibrate in a very harmonious energy with it. This energy is what feeds you. When beings move away from that vibration in feeding themselves, it will not nourish them. It sets up discordance with your earth–almost an allergy. So eventually with so many of these foods not close to your Mother Earth, there will be less ability to live from them. Do not worry about the toxins so much as the inability to live on emptiness.

Right, it fills your stomach, but it doesn’t actually provide much nourishment. Is that why there is so much illness now?

There is a lot of discord in the state of illness in your physical world. But for some time this has been the case. There is great sadness, a feeling of helplessness in the communion of beings. Many new souls feel very lost. They feel they are not mothered, that they are not loved. In this there lies a great amount of growth and a great amount of “no growth.” For you have seen babies that are on the brink of starving but because they suckle a mother’s empty breast they live–because they are loved.
And then there are people in a wealthy family who do not thrive, and end up being someone who causes harm, out of a great need for love.

I guess it’s always been like this?

It’s magnified now. A lot to do with your communications.

Yeah, we hear about all of those terrible things.

And unfortunately, those who are in control of this feel that this is what is needed to be heard. Instead of good things that occur, that help to lift the soul. The teaching of cooking and food, and gathering, and being together.

The media you mean? Yes, that would be much better. There is some of that.

You seek this and so you find it. Those who dwell in the negative vibration attract only negative vibrations. All things have a time in your physical world. All beings must
grow and learn all of these things. So don’t be afraid that things seem out of balance–you must be out of balance to strive to be in balance.

So if the world is out of balance, things will shift and come back into balance?

Yes. The most damaging thing is apathy. To not care is the worst state of “no growth” to be in. Deep caring is a good thing. If you choose to make harmony in your part of your world then you affect the whole. No raindrop is so small that it does not affect the vibration of everything.

Each of you is a magnificent raindrop. See the circles that go out around you. Each being you touch has part of your vibration on it. This is how you affect your world. This is true for everyone—and everything.

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  1. Kristine Geldart October 23, 2007 at 4:31 pm - Reply

    This is amazing reading you two. Thank you for making this communication possible! I am doing my best to tell others to partake. A little shy I do believe!

  2. Kristine Geldart October 27, 2007 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    Speaking of the Bible, how did this book come to be, and other religious text? Who is the devil and why are people so afraid of God?

  3. Kristine Geldart October 30, 2007 at 6:36 am - Reply

    You mentioned that the earth is almost an allergy to some. I have a peanut allergy and as far as I know, I’ve always had this allergy. How did this allergy come to be? Do we create weakened genes through diet and thus passing weakened genes to our children? Do childhood vaccinations have anything to do with allergies? Please tell us about vaccinations. Some think that autism is linked to them.

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