Talking with a guide about ghosts and apparitions

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We have some questions about apparitions. Ghosts, we think of as people who have passed away but they have not gone to spirit. They’re still here. Is that right? Yes, the word you use refers to people that have left the physical domain but their spirit has chosen not to go on, not to remove [...]

Daughter asks mom: Could you choose to become a ghost?

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Kirsten: We're coming to our festive time of Halloween, where we like to talk about... Spirit Guide: Hmmm Kirsten: Scary things, but, our question is, wondering if we could choose to become a ghost? Spirit Guide: Why would you want to my dear? Kirsten: I don't know that I would want to, but I think... [...]

Beings trapped between lifetimes consider themselves still alive

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A guide explains the difference between spirit guides and beings between lives I’ve felt the guides'  presence for many years. I want to ask about a night when I went to sleep after what felt like an eternity, and then as I awoke I heard them loud and clear. Was it a message? I’d like [...]


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