Today, I ask in the name of the highest, the brightest, and the purest, for healing, for help, for love, for the energy, for those who help the sick, or step into what is going on in our world. Who are not afraid to step up and help those that are so sick or afraid, that are willing to hold a hand of someone whose eyes might be filled with fear. Who will be the conduit to the spiritual power that is there for all that are sick. Our wonderful, we call them healthcare workers, but they are men and women, old and young, beautiful hearts. Their reality every day is this, it is not changed, it is not going away for them. And, they do so willingly with the intention of helping their world. God bless them, God hold them. I ask that Jesus surround them in their light. Surround them in the warmth and love to support them in their time, in their time of being tired. Hold them up in their tired, tired bodies. When they need sleep, let them sleep – sleep deep, healing sleep. And, may I ask, for all of them, for all of us, for all our world weary ones that are present with open hearts and open minds, willing to help, I ask for what we might think is a miracle, but for you it’s a possibility that this virus be stopped. That the human strength become more powerful and that we all be filled with love that this amazing universe holds for us. A time of learning, a time of growth, but more than anything a time of love. Amen




Photo (with thanks) by Carolyn V on Unsplash