You can make choices for good health and restful sleep

I struggle with my health. I have sore kidneys, extremely bad sleep therefore low energy, and dry skin. How do I improve my health as I would like to be strong, vibrant with lots of energy and live a healthy long life?

If you really truly believe that you want to be those things, you will be those things. You make choices often that are not good for your health, and you cannot deny that. A good, plant-based diet is very healthy, not too much water–but enough water to truly grease all the parts. Oils, natural ones, mostly from vegetables are very good for you. Sleep is very important. It gives you restorative energy within your cells.  You say you have sore kidneys, but truly what you have is the nerves that come from the spine at that part of your body have been somewhat shaken. I don’t know if you recall that but that is what occurs. It will take some time to heal that but it shall.  Swing and move and dance with grace. This is the exercise that’s very good for you. Think of when you rock a child back and forth. This is the kind of movement your body needs, especially for that part of your body to be healed.

She asks about sleep. Any advice?

You don’t think you have good sleep but you can have good sleep. You have a very strong mind and this affects your sleeping. In fact when you do sleep you are getting good sleep. Now then, as to how much time, you must get lots of outside time. You must reset your inner clock. Get up as early as you can and stand outside even if it’s right at daybreak. This is very good. And also if you can stand outside when the sun sets. Let your body see it. You walk in an amazing thing called the physical body, it has the capacity to do things perfectly. And through different beliefs and society’s whims we get all confused–and this is what has happened to you right now. You can balance this again. Listen to nature. Stand outside and breathe it in. Sleep doesn’t need to be the difficulty that everybody in your world is experiencing right now. It’s very natural.



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