A Prayer for Healthcare Workers by Jane Kennard

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Today, I ask in the name of the highest, the brightest, and the purest, for healing, for help, for love, for the energy, for those who help the sick, or step into what is going on in our world. Who are not afraid to step up and help those that are so sick or afraid, [...]

Daughter asks mom: Could you choose to become a ghost?

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Kirsten: We're coming to our festive time of Halloween, where we like to talk about... Spirit Guide: Hmmm Kirsten: Scary things, but, our question is, wondering if we could choose to become a ghost? Spirit Guide: Why would you want to my dear? Kirsten: I don't know that I would want to, but I think... [...]

A conversation with Spirit about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Medium Jane Kennard channels a high guide from Spirit for their wisdom and understanding of what the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is and why it is affecting the world in this way. Listen in to the conversation between Jane Kennard's assistants and the Spirit Guide. Follow along here with the [...]


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