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Losing Friends To Suicide: Psychic Medium Jane Kennard Channels A High Guide

Jane Kennard received this question from a young man who recently lost two of his best friends to suicide, and he is feeling regret and wonders how they are both doing? Below is the transcription of the session where Jane channeled a High Guide for their reply. Also, listen to the audio from the channeling session as replayed in the video below and on YouTube.

Transcription of the reply message from Spirit:

Jane’s Prayer before Channeling:

I ask in the name of the highest, the brightest and the purest for healing energy, for all these wonderful people that ask, and for us. Healing words, help for their growth. Thank you.

High Guide and Helper:


Hello. Welcome.

And, to you, my son.

Thank you for being here.

I am always close.

As I’m sure you’ve heard and you’re aware that we have… Jane has offered a free question opportunity for people.


And we’ve had quite a few questions emailed in. And we responded to questions on social media. And, Jane was hoping to channel some questions, get replies from you, the Guides of some of these. Is it ok to read these out?

Yes, it is so.

Thank you.

The question is…

Good day. I recently lost two best friends. One to a drug overdose. Another who couldn’t handle the grief of the first loss, took his own life. A day or two before he took his own life, he asked me to come hang out with him. I sadly couldn’t make it happen and thus never got to say goodbye. I hope they are okay and that they don’t hold it against me for not being there.

Are they okay?

High Guide’s reply to question:

Blessed one. Okay. Your sweet words is true. They are at peace. They question still and have difficulty with the understanding how they felt about things. For once they reached a place with peace. They had clarity. And yes, you might be quite understanding that they not… if only they had waited some time, it would have been easier. But, they have the clarity and the vision of what was at hand for them now?

They hold no, no angst against you my child. If anything, the opposite. They are so very, very happy to have been with you and close to you. To have shared in what your amazing energy has brought them. Your light shines so brightly, my son. Do not hold any grief or guilt towards their choices and their passing. But, they transformed to light. They shall return at some point. Perhaps to see and understand those elements of promises yet to be fulfilled.

But this is not for you to hold them back or to worry of them for one second. Trust that they have found light and love. Something they had difficulty with… seeing their own worth. Their own wonder. You blessed one, trust in the knowing that you are pure and bright light, that you might often find those on your path drawn to your light.

For they were having difficulty finding their own. But it does not mean you must do anything other than be that that you are, to help them. By that that you live, my son, is how you teach. Bless you my child. Your entity (Guide) is with you all times. And very much enjoys your chatter. You are not alone. You are loved.


Thank you very much.

Listen here to the audio recording of Psychic Medium Jane Kennard Channeling a High Guide for a reply to this question:


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    Beautiful and reassuring response.

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