A message from Spirit for Prime Minister Trudeau

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We were talking about our Prime Minister, who is going to visit the American President tomorrow. And we were wanting to give some energy and support to make that a conversation from love. Yes, a love letter. A love letter. Yeah. That this being be that that he is. And he will only diffuse and [...]

Eve of the American Election

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I know a lot of people in this world are worrying and wishing there was something that we could do in this time of fear and uncertainty. We cannot vote unless you are living in the United States. What you can do that will have an affect is to send loving energy to those you [...]

Trust that their passing has enlightened the world

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When you feel all is dark and hopeless in the killing of these beautiful "Beings", trust that their passing has enlightened the world. They are teaching in ways you cannot imagine. It isn't that they chose to die in this way but they all knew in their spirit that they came to teach and heal [...]

The answer is not violence but love and teaching

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A guide talks about what happened in Paris and how we can move forward We were talking about what happened in Paris, and what that means for the world, and how we can cope with it and move forward? By embracing it. You cannot heal that that you hide from or that that you push [...]

The true sense of your being is within you, your truth

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A guide speaks about gender identity Gender change has very much been in the public eye lately. Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner recently underwent a major transformation to become a woman and is now known as Caitlyn. My question today is: What advice can you give to people struggling with their current gender who may be [...]

How the death of Cecil the Lion teaches and heals us

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How does it make you feel, how will it affect your choices? My question is about Cecil the lion. The death of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe has us all speaking about trophy hunting this morning. We were discussing how we need to pay attention to hunting in our own backyard. In Canada we currently [...]

A conversation with Anne Frank and how we can learn from the Holocaust to stop the cycle of fear in the physical world

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The anniversary of Anne Frank’s last diary entry is coming up in August. I recently read a book We All Wore Stars about memoirs of some of her classmates’ experiences in WWII. The University of Victoria is hosting a Global Connections conference this September that will investigate the extent to which holocaust education can be [...]

A guide speaks about the missing or murdered Native women in Canada

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Last year the RCMP released a high profile report that found 1,181 native women killed or missing in Canada between 1980 and 2012. There’s a call for a national inquiry to discern the causes of the tragedy. The first nations people have suffered in Canada for so long since colonialism. They’ve suffered a traumatic history [...]

Be responsible for that that you do to Mother Earth

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A guide speaks about our responsibility for actions for the greater good I watched the film Chasing Ice, an award winning documentary about climate change which follows the work of James Balog’s extreme ice survey. It shows beautiful photographs and videos that capture ancient mountains of ice disappearing rapidly, demonstrating evidence that Earth’s climate is [...]

A conversation about recent earthquakes in Nepal

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Nepal recently suffered a massive earthquake as the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate continue to collide. We are wondering what are the lesson or lessons attached to the recent earthquakes in Nepal. As people who choose to live on an active subduction zone with potential for a megathrust earthquake, what advice do you have [...]

Will positive change ever occur in North Korea?

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SW – can the guides share a higher insight about Kim Jong-un and the people who live in North Korea? Is there a rising of awareness or desire for change within the North Korean people? Can the beings of light ever influence a situation to prevent escalation of this misuse of nuclear power? You know [...]