To Draw A Lover To You, Be A Lover Of Life

A guide’s suggestions for one who is looking for a lover in her life

Is there a lover coming soon to me?

To draw a lover to you, my blessed one, you must be a lover—a lover of life, a lover of joy. Go out into your world. Seek eye-to-eye contact. Be gentle and sweet with those you meet.

I know you want to know about a particular being, but if I talk about that you will narrow your view and look only in one direction.

So know that yes, you very much can have companionship, company, someone to have “sweet nothings” with. But you must be that. You mustn’t, when you first meet with that being, speak only of your own needs and wants, but be interested in the world and others around you.

Do not worry blessed one, there is plenty of time for all of it.

Photo by Cottonbro Studio on Pexels

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