You must be balanced and whole to attract the kind of love you want

P1120552Karen asks how to proceed to manifest someone who is right for her? She recently ended a long term relationship and is having a hard time seeing ahead.

Yes, I know. She’s having a hard time, unfortunately–but suffering is optional. She doesn’t need to suffer. She can choose to let go of this, for this was the right thing for her. This one needs to understand that there is much wonder ahead, and first allow freedom and time.

Dearest one, do not fear being alone by yourself. Become balanced. Become whole. Do for yourself what you have not done. Breathe. Allow space for you. You’ve always been giving and adjusting and modifying your path for the other.

Oh my goodness, you have such energy that you can pour into that amazing ability of writing. So—don’t worry where the next one is. Worry where you are.

You must be whole and balanced in order to attract the kind of love you want. The tears are for yourself. You are afraid of being alone. You do not want that back. So, cry for you that you have not attended to your needs for a long time. Cry for how you have found yourself in this state that was not growing. Cry for your unknown wonder that you somewhat fear. But the fear will dissolve away soon.

Perhaps start by giving yourself a gift. I do not often recommend the spending of monies, but here is a time it is important. You need something to remind you of who you be, something that you can wear on your wrist or your hand that you will see and go: Yes. I love me and I will draw to me that that is needed, in time. And I am beautiful.

I hope that helps.

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