Your feelings are your truth, Jane Kennard

Your feelings are your truth–you cannot deny them

Your feelings are your truth, Jane Kennard

Words for one who wonders whether or not to stay in her relationship

Oh dear one, you are feeling stifled and overwhelmed by your need to speak your truth, to be. It’s as if you say to yourself: this is not what I signed up for. But this is the truth of what is now—and you must understand who you are, what you need. From every relationship there must be a give-and-take. This may seem somewhat of a burden at this time. But it isn’t that the burden bothers you so much as that this is not what you see yourself as needing in the future.

Oh these are difficult choices, difficult times. It is time to sit and be one with this being, and to first of all put away guilt, and understand who you are responsible to and for. In truth it is your path, your growth.

When you are with one who is in a state of no growth you will often feel very tied—as if you are dragging this being forward with you. It’s quite acceptable to speak openly of these feelings. I know you are afraid to do this. But if you do you will lighten it and you then might make a different choice. Communication is important and your sense and feelings are your truth—and you cannot deny them. And if you do it will only make you unhappier. But if you speak openly you will see that a lightness will be there. Don’t say it in anger and fatigue but in factual, loving words. Give opportunity for things to change, to move, before you make your next choice. Be your truth, speak it—in love and light.



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