How do you begin to bring love into your life?


Luna – I have dedicated most of my time and energies towards my career.  And now I am looking around, reflecting upon my path and feel alone.  Will I meet a wonderful partner soon?  I don’t want this winter to be another one of isolation and hibernation? 


You are so much in your mind, blessed one.  And yes, it is true, you are probably the wisest person you talk to and your conversations are very wonderful.

It would be a good practice for you to write them down in preparation for that that you will do eventually.  But this, what you are experiencing, is for a reason.  To draw someone of love and light into your life, you must prepare and be whole and balanced and an opening in your life must be made.

How to experience and bring love into your life?  Are you lovable?  Do you think loving thoughts of you?  Do you think loving thoughts of your being? For if you only think love you can only draw that to you. Like attracts like.  Little chit chats with others are wonderful opportunities to share who you be.  Well, how do I put it into words?

To do something on purpose for you right now is somewhat fearful. So, you have to do it rather as if by an accident, by chance.  But, in truth, go to the coffee places and have a little conversation with someone, eye to eye.  When you speak to someone look into their eyes and open your heart to them; male, female, young, old it matters not.  Notice your world around you and step out of your cloistered place.

Did you know in a previous existence of yours you were a cloistered nun in a place where very little communion was done, very little conversation.  You need to experience the communication and yet you do find the familiar quiet very comforting.

As to the creation of opportunities to meet; there are many.  Is there a certain being? There are many, my dear. Do not set rigid rules for yourself. Allow yourself the freedom to be, to be young, to be old, to be silly, to be serious for you are much more than you have any idea.

There is a whole new being awakening within you.  This winter will not be as other winters. This winter will be filled with anticipation of that that is occurring.

Like the great bear who hibernates knowing that in spring new life, new experience. Fear not any winter, but see it as a time of great growth.

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