Speak from your heart, Jane Kennard

Speak from your heart

How do I know if staying or leaving this difficult relationship is the right call and in my and my partner’s best and highest interests?

Firstly I say to you, thank you. Thank you for asking. Thank you for stopping and considering all that is at hand, and waiting to hear an answer. Because you do not want to fail–and in the depths of your heart you wish only that all shall be happy and at peace.

It pains you, the thought of causing pain. So for this choice before you make it, you must be sure that you have tried every avenue, that you have spoken every word, felt every feeling. And you haven’t, have you dear? No. You are quiet in your pain. You have not spoken out loud about what you need, what you want. And you fear to, and when your voice starts to your heart thrashes.

If necessary, bring in another being, a counsellor, someone the other would regard as being an authority. And speak your truth first, before you make any choices. It would be quite acceptable to say that you are choosing at hand right now, but know that you want to make sure it’s the right choice. You have been filled with pain.

You are very alone. And you are right to bring this to the other’s awareness. Be brave, my blessed one. Take a deep breath and speak from your heart. If the tears fall, let them fall. Be your truth. Then with clarity and understanding, you will know what to choose.

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