Happiness is not just a pair of shoes that you put on

A guide talks about ways to feel more joy in your life

I feel dead inside and need to feel more alive as I am closed off from deeply feeling love and loving others, feeling joy, happiness, excitement, sadness. What can i do to feel love and other emotions?

You’re not dead, my dear. Dead is a state of non-existence and you are very much existing. But that’s just it—existing. Now then, you see what happens in the human condition is habits, yes habits. And for a while you’ve just had one unhappy thing after another happening and you’ve simply just not felt very joyous or happy about anything for a while, nor have you tried to make yourself.

Now I’m going to say to you there are some actions and choices you must take to actually help this situation. Happiness or joy or love is not just a pair of shoes you put on, but it is something that you pick up and pull into your life. So, each day think about something in your life that made you very happy. Or think about a time when you were very in love–and if that in-love ended unhappily, try to just stay with the happy part of it– and practice it for a bit, my dear. Practice it, practice it. It makes perfect, it really does. You have not forgotten about loving. You actually can still see and feel when you choose to.



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