A love that was left behind

IMG_5676Angela — There is one man I am truly deeply connected with, especially through music. He has always felt like a teacher, but the energy was so strong between us that we were too confused to get into a relationship and finally life separated us.

I did get together with another man with whom I went through a lot of hardship and trouble. I always thought love will eventually grow but our relationship to me still feels more like work and obligation. Although we are good friends and I strongly care for him and his wellbeing, It always felt more like friendship.

Why did life guide me to his side instead being with the one I felt so much love for? Thank you.

Blessed one, life…. Life doesn’t guide you, dearest. You have the opportunity of growth. You have certain elements that you must fulfil. Perhaps you would see it as reasons for being present, promises.

The man that you felt such an emotional powerful energy with was someone you have known in a previous existence. That is why the knowing, the intensity, the music, lifted you both to a vibrational state that you were both in before. But you knew in your conscious mind that you couldn’t fulfil that. There were too many already-set-up conditions that did not allow this to be.

It isn’t that you had a promise. It was a deep knowing, and in many ways excited you beyond…. But you are very much one who responds to what is right and wrong within you. Even though you think of yourself as flowing and loose, in many ways you believe there is a right way for you and a wrong way for you. And so be it, my dear.

The being that you have a strong friendship with you do have a promise with. For there, is a promise or a task of learning, a give-and-take, an irritation and a drawing. The passion and the depth of excitement you felt with other would not be felt with this one, for it was not an ancient knowing, but instead someone who will irritate you and cause you growth. Of course, you will choose growth for yourself.

You are not a player in an already-planned scheme. You are the one that chooses that that will occur, that that you will proceed in. You may not be aware, but in every instant of growth there is a choice involved. You are a well-evolved being. They often get caught up in expectations of what should or shouldn’t be. Let yourself be, my child, the light and love that you are.

There are times in your path when you are very lonely, but only you can allow others in. There are many around you with much talk but unless you share with them or allow them inside of your quiet loneliness it will always be present. You have felt different from others for a very long time. Yet many who walk beside you feel exactly the same way. You are a blessing, a beautiful being of light. Share your being with others. Help them to grow and yourself to do so as well.

There are no rules for being, my child, there is just being. You choose and act upon that that is already known within you, the rate of your vibration. An act that is wrong for your being goes against the very energy that is you. And you alone know this.

Even though it is fearful sometimes to open up to others, trust yourself that you are love and light. And it shall be.

That makes me think about the feeling that is left in you when someone comes into your life like Angela experienced. It leaves a longing for something very special, and I think maybe we cannot have that in every lifetime.

It is simply a love, a deep fulfilling love. You call it a longing in a negative way. Why will you not see this in a wonderful way, that you love this being in their whole being, and so be it. Perhaps because of the society’s rules you do not follow through with any other physical action, but just simply to be in the light of love is a wonderful state.

If you can, for one moment, try to understand how the most evolved being loves all beings in this way, just simply the joy of loving. This is how many of the world’s very brightest lights be, and they often fall prey to following through in physical actions that do not serve them well. But the joy and wonder of meeting again, like the raindrop to the ocean, is that pure, sweet love that perhaps does not fit in this time and place, but is. And allow it to be.

Perhaps you might see it as a weakness in the physical domain. We see it as a positive part of your being.

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