Both must be willing for it to be one way or another

IMG_0165Will I, rectify my marriage to my wife or will we end in divorce this year?

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Dear, dear one. Take a deep breath. Oh, stop living in fear. You are literally ricocheting all over the place; from anger to guilt to happy, to back and forth and up and down, not knowing what you truly do need or want.

These things that have happened…. If you two can be heart to heart, don’t cloud it with words and expectations. Don’t cloud it with guilt and anger. There are two parts in this: yours and your wife’s; two parts to one promise. Both must be willing for it to be one way or another. Speak your truth. Speak what you want. But be sure you understand what you are saying. For in truth you have had many different thoughts.

You have found comfort in different ways my dearest one, and you have to ask yourself why. Are you your own strength? Or do you look to others to provide it for you? Do you wish to provide strength for someone else before you are sure of your own?

Do not beat yourself up over that that was, but understand and own and be responsible for all parts of that that was. It is only then that you can move forward with clarity and growth. The actions that were taken were needed; needed to be seen, to be heard, to be brought forward. Be still my dearest one and know your heart. If she is willing, you must ask that you sit together, hand to hand, heart to heart. See that that brought you together. See that that will hold you together. See that that will maybe cause you to part. Look at it openly, with love, even if there is anger, with love. And don’t put a time limit on it dearest ones. For life and your path has great capacity. Do not fear, blessed one.

I know you wanted an answer of yes or no. How could I give something so small and limited to something as complex and amazing as the two of you? You have capacity of so many things. Allow yourself to be. Stand in the light of love, blessed one, and all will be well.

May I add: be not afraid to look at both ways that life could be. Not to well upon it like some great burden, but to understand how it would be if you were to divorce. And how it would be if you were to stay together. Understand that divorce does not cut that bond that you have with someone. It may separate you physically. You may put Band-Aids of fear and anger and hurt upon it, but the bond of love that was created to draw you together shall always be there.

Just because your society has rules and words that say this is no longer there, know that spiritually, once connected you are always connected. That is why it will linger and you must take this time now to be clear about all of your actions. Bless you, my child.

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