IMG_4713Timia Timia writes:

Greetings Guides. Who is this person messing with me and why? I took a photo of him in my home recently. Is it Vernal and how is he doing? I miss him. Are there still lovers in my future? I do want a mate. Thank you.

The Guide responds:

Dearest one, you asked—and so it was. You want to see—and it appeared. And then you question, then you are afraid—and you draw back.

Blessed one, there are many that surround you in light and love, that support you. This being that you have dearly remembered and drawn close to you wants you to know that all is well.

And in order to have lovers you must go out into the world and be amongst them and not be afraid. You must look eye-to-eye and ask who they be and how they be in this world. And not just address how you be. But to develop a dialogue between two beings must be established in order to have love and companionship.

You are in a physical body for a reason, blessed one—a very wonderful reason. Learn. Embrace it. Do not see the world as against you, but see it as supporting you. Bless you my child.