You have walked with this one many times

How to handle a strong connection with one you recognize from past lives

I would like to know about my relationship with T. I have tried to let it go and not contact him, but I cannot help myself. He is so familiar to me, I feel so safe and at peace with him and do not feel the need to endlessly talk. Just being in the same space is so peaceful, and the physical connection is truly extraordinary. But we are from two completely different cultures and backgrounds. This relationship is risky, with potentially severe consequences if we were caught, yet I can’t seem to give it up.

Is there a promise between us? Is it better for my growth to continue this, or to end it? My brain and heart are in disagreement about what to do. Can you tell me anything about our relationship in previous lives?

Oh, my dearest one, you are such a beautiful being and you would never choose to harm, or distort anyone else’s growth, ever.

This being, yes, and you have had many past existences together. That is why it is so strong and powerful. And it is true, it would create great chaos if it were made public and part of its sweetness is the fact that it is secretive and just between the two of you. And bringing it out in the open would cause much disruption and then guilt would be heavy upon both of you.

Unfortunately, it is very much part of your paths to maintain what others want you to do–it is very much part of your life. But you very much do feel a strong attachment to this being from times before.

So, that amazing love has two very strong sides. The love you have for others and not wanting to hurt them and the love you have for him and wanting to be with him. Love has no conditions. It is your mindset that puts the conditions on it.

What to do? What to do? As you try to wean yourself off this one you know that it still exists and it will, no matter what, whether distant or near, you will love this being. Please make peace with that and accept if you do not wish to cause chaos that you will not and you will love quietly and silently, but just as strong and just as beautiful. Hold it near and dear and do not be afraid of it and accept that is who you are and this is how this be.

So send your love and be close when you can. Speak not of it, but know that love heals and nourishes and so it will be.

Follow that that your mind that has decided it must be, for it is true that there will be great chaos if you speak openly of this. Is it sad only if you see it that way. Why not hold it near and dear as your private wonder that you have walked with this one many times and this time the situation does not allow it.

So, from your path, send your love. I cannot give you permission from what you believe is going to happen. You have set that in motion, my dear. Be in the love. Stand whole and strong. Old beings such as yourself have loved many and have the capacity to love many in many forms. Release your rules about this. Give yourself time and this might change but it will be up to you, blessed one, but know it is not wrong. Love is always right. Bless you my child.



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