A bond of intensity and depth from previous lifetimes


Is there anything relevant in the past, present and future I need to know about James?

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Oh yes, you’ve had quite a few lifetimes with this being; other experiences have been quite difficult for you.  You want very much to be close and be one with and yet you feel a distance.  You are very lonely, my dear.  You are guarded with your feelings from past experiences.  You do not trust in yourself.

Don’t look so much as to what James is doing, but as to what are you doing.  You want them close, you want them to like you and you want to not show who you are and you are such a wonderful being, highly intelligent.  And you have wonderful humour.  I want you to truly address more of who you be, then who he be and then it will begin to resolve itself.

When a being has had many lifetimes with another one, there is always, not necessarily a promise or a task of learning, but a bond that will have intensity and depth that often the conscious mind will have difficulty with because it will be familiar and yet unfamiliar bodies. There is a knowing and yet an inability to speak of this knowing.  Be patient.  Seek that that you want to be; who you are. Then you will be able to be prepared to be more open, more trusting.  Oh, blessed one, you need to be happy.  Bless you my child.

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