What is it you really want in love?

P1110344Bieschel writes:

I have recently ended a three year relationship with a man, who, it turns out, was deceitful unbeknownst to me. He presented himself to me under the pretense of being single when he was not. I feel betrayed and angry that I allowed myself to be used. Perhaps I would feel differently if I knew what the purpose for this was.

While the time we had together was beautiful, at least for me, I have been left to go through the grieving process of a failed relationship. And while time does heal and I will get through this, it has been very painful. It is a constant back and forth between anger and acceptance.

It would be comforting to know that he felt something for me and that I was able to provide him with an ingredient he needed to move forward in his path In time, there will be forgiveness but for now he is still very much in my thoughts.

The Spirit Guide’s Response:

You are not asking what you truly do want to know—for you have not…   You see, your relationship never was a reality; it was a fantasy. And you are still in that fantasy my dear. You still want to believe that he loves you and will come to you. You love love. You loved the relationship, you loved the happy ending.  And those things can be. But you must be seeing and hearing and feeling all that is truth.

You did doubt many of the things that occurred. You often wondered why certain things were certain ways. But you were happy just having a partner. You were happy in your imagination of how it was going to be. And in truth, you can create that—but you must both start from an equal field. And you know in the heart of your being that you weren’t. You fell in love with love. And that is a wonderful thing to be, and you can continue if that’s what you want.

But what do you want? You want truth and reality and things that move forward, a growing expanding love; not something that stays limited to only one level of being.

Did he care about you? Of course he did.  Does he love the way you love? No.  You my blessed one, were willing, so don’t be angry. Accept that that you were responsible for, and see it as a learning. There is a part of you that is so romantic that you want only the happy ending. But all beings that are present in your physical world right now are here to learn. So all beings are learning. No one, blessed dear, no matter what measure or scale you use, is perfect.

No dearest. You will love again. I am quite sure.  In fact there is not too distant, one you will meet. And you will not rush into things. You will think very clearly and quietly.

Bless you my child. It is not easy to be in the physical world. But you can have the happiness you seek. But remember, in all happiness there are all parts if it is a good balance.  Bless you.

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