Promises made between two souls


BJ would like to know more about promises made between two souls. She asks, “If a promise is not achieved why was it made?”

Oh what a perfect world it would be if everyone achieved their promises, blessed one.

In the time between lifetimes, when you are learning and growing and wondering about what you have done and what you have achieved in a life. And in the understanding of that that you be, a vibrational being….

We have used the word “promise” because it is truly a choice, to achieve an act of learning, it is made only to yourself, but it can also be connected to another being.

When this promise is made it is with total clarity and understanding of what it is you need.

Then you enter the physical world—with its myriad of wonderful elements of growth and beings that you come through and are with. Many conditions change, but the true promise to yourself is still there.

And so you set out on your path and the opportunities of growth and occurrences and learning and balancing are presented all along this path. No matter what path you choose, they will always be presented. And it is up to you. It is your responsibility to see them and pick them up, to sort of vibrationally ingest them, take them on, to learn and to grow. And it will return again and again, in many different forms, as sort of an update.

To be complete and totally balanced in every promise takes many lifetimes. And when another being is involved in the promise that is at hand—well, you cannot of course do their work for them. And you might even try but you will find yourself very frustrated. Or you might even be in a state of no growth waiting for them to do their work. But that is not where you must be.

You must let go. You must continue. If that being chooses not to complete the promise, to choose a different path, so be it. If your part is completed, so be it, you move forward. If your part is not completed, you might have a lingering feeling about that being, a want or a desire. But the most important thing is to know that you must grow, you must move forward. And so be it.

It is never decided that it will be completed before it is even begun. That is the element that is in your hands. There is no great plan that you will follow in a life’s path. It is tossed before you like the most wonderful glittering stones, and you pick them up as you see them. Or you just simply walk by.

It is up to you, blessed one. You choose what is right for you. You know in the depth of your being what is your truth. Though many might say that they do not know their truth, that they are chameleons that will change with a whim. But even if they make a choice that is not true to their being it will fester within them and will not help them grow.

So do not think about what he is thinking. Do not torture yourself with what could have been. But be blessed by that that is. You are an amazing being, willing to love, and willing to forgive. And wanting just what is right for you, just a wonderful communion with another being. So open that place in your world for that being to come.

But don’t think that you are better because you have a partner. You are an amazing being with so much to give. You will find many partners. Be sure you love yourself, dearest. Don’t be angry with yourself for things you said. Don’t kick yourself around for those thoughts. Let go of them by loving your being. Bless you, my child.

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