Finding love by finding your own light within

 IMG_1434Bieschel – I have recently met a man who seems to be of equal balance as me and while it is too soon to speak of a possible future together it is on my mind. I feel my hopes have been shattered with the news of a relocation of his choosing to the mainland which would mean a long distance relationship if we are to continue seeing each other.

It appears that this man does not want a committed relationship and I am wondering if it is because of health issues that he is afraid to commit? He has had bypass surgery some years ago and seems concerned about his mortality since his parents both passed away at a relatively early age. He is on a number of medications but seems to be in good health. I’m OK with his decision although it is a bit of a concern to me that I have to let go again. I just want to find that pot of gold called love at the end of the rainbow, I know it is there, I wish it so. 

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Dearest one,

It is time, very much time to find some joy within your being, to not look externally for another being to make you happy, but for you to make you happy.

Oh it’s true you look about and see that you have all things in order, but you always look to find yourself within another being. Please try to find yourself within you. You have so much to give, so much to share, that often times you overwhelm with the giving, instead of just giving. Be calm; be at peace within yourself. To love oneself is to truly understand that the light that shines within you can reflect back in a gentle warm way. You have not found this in others yet because you have constantly tried to change your being to fit that that is needed within them.

When you are whole and balanced you can find and be and love in the most gentle give-and-take. This is what you want.

This being’s health, state of mind, and his need, must be taken care of by him, not by you.

I know you have a lot of questions but I want you to sit, take time, to see your surroundings, to breathe deeply, and to feel comfortable in your own being. This body you created is very beautiful, but its beauty isn’t to show off to attract another. Its beauty is to reflect that amazing light that lies within you. And is has very little to do with attracting, but is more about being. The attraction comes when one is at peace within oneself, and the light radiates out, and others want to be with the light that you be.

Now then, take some time for your being, to be that that you are, to see your own light. Bless you, my child. You are loved.

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  1. Mary April 10, 2015 at 4:15 am - Reply

    Hello and thank you once again for this incredible service. I am opening to seeing spirits, though I find it a little scary still, I wish to be of greater service and get out of my own way. Did I give the right answer when I was recently woke in the middle of the night in Belfast? Anything I can do to reduce the fear? I understand that this is a gift and it really is all about love, but I am alone and it is dark in the middle of the night. Do to I need to write a book about my homeland?

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