Sudden infant death syndrome

babyJ – I heard about a situation recently where an eight month old baby who was completely healthy went to bed one night and never woke up.  We call it crib death, or sudden infant death syndrome.  Why would that be?  What would be the point of this for the parents or the infant?

How do you comfort the parents with such a devastating loss for no apparent reason?

Do you wish me to address this particular case, or all of them?

Why don’t we start with the individual and move on from there.

This being, though you might understand was in the body of an infant, was a very evolved, wise  being who came to  offer growth for those that he came through to be with. This being, had great love and compassion for them, this child.  The separation was the teaching element of a promise.  You know this very well.  Some beings come for that simple growth to balance that that was already out of balance. They had to learn about loss.  They had to learn about accepting and moving through a time of love and grief. There isn’t an answer for them. There is no definitive cause or something to lay their pain on–except love.

And please believe that love is strong enough to take it, the angst, the hurt.  And if you know these beings allow them their peace and time to do so. One will have more difficulty than the other.

Sometimes, these blessed ones come and leave quickly for other purposes; to teach about viruses and illnesses and malformations of physical bodies, to teach doctors and groups of learning beings different things completely.  Sometimes they come to teach one individual and not both of the parents.  Or, perhaps, it is one child in the family that needs to learn and grow and it is nearly always a promise and they are nearly always very evolved beings.

I think what is the most difficult is the suddenness, the suddenness when a baby seems to healthy and perfect and for no reason it ends.

Yes, from your view it may seem that way but it was what it needed to be for our seeing. Why allow suffering if the being simply could let go?  In infancy there is no great fear of leaving or staying. They find themselves in a place of, “Oh yes, I am here and this is what I must do.”

Although to the parents there is no better than, there simply is. You don’t have to have words for them, just be.


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