A Light Went Out

In times of great joy, there can be great sorrow. A light went out in our community. A child died in a terrible accident on a dark and rainy night.

Someone asked me, “How do you get over this?”

You don’t. It becomes ingrained in the fabric of your life. You never stop thinking of them. You see them in others’ faces. You might view the world at a distance for a while, numb to this new reality without them. Their spirit stays close for as long as you need them, but there will be a hole in your world. Celebrating may be impossible at first, but having loved ones and friends is a blessing. They will know, you don’t have to ask. Lean on them they love you.

In time, you will feel again. You’ll feel love from them and for your new world. You will begin to know them in a spiritual way; a deeper knowing, a bond of pure love always present.

As hard as it may seem, all things are opportunities to learn and to grow. Open your hearts, whether you are close to this pain or far. Send your love.

We are not alone.


Photo by Kirsten Pierce

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