A guide speaks about a relationship with a mother who has passed over

My mom passed some time ago and I fear I am following her same path of fear and guilt, although I have moved forward in some ways. I do hope she’s free of that fear and guilt and in a better place. Is she with us? Do you have any advice or words?

Blessed one, your mother will always be close. But your mother in spirit is very different than perhaps you might understand your mother in a physical body. And in this time she is very quiet and still. Still understanding all effects that her in her life path had on her growth and on others. She feels very uncomfortable with the fact that she caused problems; caused you to have some difficulties with trusting, anxiety, and fear of the unknown.

But you are standing tall, a very bright light. It often is the case that children when they arrive are evolved, old beings. And they have come to teach the being they came through, the mother, the father, sometimes a sibling. This was the case here. In many ways you taught your mother a great deal. And so you will with your grandchildren—because you don’t want them to fear. You don’t want them to have free-floating anxiety. And what is there to fear in your world? The greatest fear for most of you is not controlling—and I have to tell you that you don’t really control anything. So let it out. And just be. Be happy that each day is.

Your entities that surround you have a great desire to speak to you. I think it would be best for you to find a writing form.  For that is something you are going to take to task very soon. You’ve been thinking about it for a long time. You are wondering how the book of you should look. It’s a good place to start.

You are not your mother; you are you—the sum total of all the things you have done. You are not following her path. You are on yours. Bless you my child.