IMG_5454Can I ask about the Malaysian aircraft that was shot down over the Ukraine recently. Was it just bad luck that those people were on the plane? For such a stupid thing, they just died.

Yes, they did. They stepped away from the physical world. They offered their lives to fall into the torment and torture of those that are so confused as to what is right and wrong. And that confusion that is overwhelming now is actually healing in a way that you will not understand yet. Or perhaps you will.

When nations must put down their arms and come together, to pick up, to feel, to hear of the lives of these wondrous beings that were actually very evolved souls, who want to heal the physical world. Oh yes, there will be many that will run afraid right now and hide for a while. But this great wound that has occurred in the physical world on the land and in the hearts of even those that did not stop and think what they were doing. This healing will cause a great maturation of many souls.

I do not say it was a wondrous thing to occur. I say thank you to those that were willing to enter into the healing. And each was embraced by loved ones. No one was left to be afraid.

So those ones have moved on?

Beautifully, yes.

It’s good to know.

When these things occur, arm yourself with the light and the love that you are… and send it. Surround them. It does have an effect, not just for the families of those that moved on. But also for those that shot the weapons. Visualize them, hold them in your heart, love them. It is the only element that can heal them. Love.