A mother asks about the loss of her children


E – Dear Guides, My son went missing a year ago, and my daughter died three months ago. Why have I lost both of my children?

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Oh, dearest one, don’t insulate yourself from the world right now. Feel the pain.  Seek your answers.  Let the tears fall even though you might have days where you just feel numb and somewhat distant from your world.  Feel it.  Touch it.  Scream out against all that is for that is for that is the healing you need to do.

At this time you feel lost from them, but in truth, blessed one, you are not.  You are still the mother of these bright beings that you gave the greatest gift of life and opportunity to grow.  All is not lost, blessed one.

Each being must walk their path and learn their promises.  They chose you because you were strong and you had a promise with them to learn; to learn many things. You are doubting many things now, but I want you to know you are in the time of greatest growth as they might be.  All is not known.  For you never truly know what is within another human being while you dwell in the physical form.  But now, while one is in spirit they can speak clearly and know exactly what is.  Bless you my child for all is not lost.

Speak to them like they were in the room with you for there is a bond that shall never be broken. Even if they have transformed into another form you will always have that bond.  You will always be their mother and they your child.  Speak of love and light.  Ask for forgiveness.  Ask for whatever it is you need and say it out loud.  Do not be afraid to speak.  Do not be afraid to cry. This is a time of great learning.

Try to understand what the physical domain is about.  It is about growth, of learning of heightening the vibration of your spirit. When you first arrive in the new state of spirit in body, things are not complex, but very simple and the energy that you be has yet a great deal to change.  And every element of growth and learning and every act, every action and choice has a vibrational quota.  And if you learn it to the best of who you be in a vibrational state, your vibration quickens, it moves.

All is not lost.  I will say it again and again.  It is a time to speak, to grow, to be with others.  That that lies ahead of you is great yet, my dearest, even though you feel so alone.  You are not.  There is growth at hand and that will change what is ahead.  You have not lost, blessed one.  You have given and there is growth.

You are not alone.  Ask for help. Ask from the beings that surround you in light (spirit guides) and ask for those in the physical domain.  Ask them to help you.

Bless you my child. You are not alone.


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  1. Elizabeth Faber November 26, 2014 at 1:03 pm - Reply

    Thank you to the spirit guide who did the reading for me. I was wondering if I could have clarification on one of the points made in the reading. It mentions, ‘when one is in spirit…’. Does that mean she believes only one of my children is in spirit or in general when a person is in spirit. It has been my feeling for a long time that both of my children have passed over. Love & blessings, Elizabeth

    • circleswithincircles November 26, 2014 at 6:03 pm - Reply

      Dear Elizabeth,

      Often guides use words in a somewhat archaic way and they also seem to get confused with pronouns like he or she or they or them. From my reading of this answer, I’m pretty sure the guide was using the word “one” in this context to mean “someone” rather than referring specifically to one child. You could read it like this: When a being is in spirit they can see clearly and know exactly what is.”

      I hope this helps. Please know that we all offer our deepest condolences on your loss.


  2. 2cool4earthschool November 26, 2014 at 2:09 pm - Reply

    Dear ladies and guides,

    I have a general question to ask. Is it true that reality is constantly shifting like Bashar says? If one would wish to leave this reality without dying and manifest or “travel” to another reality where there is little or no negativity, is this possibe? Basically I am asking, is there ANY limit to creating the reality I want, down to the very people and even physical structure on this earth, and how does one go about doing this? Are there many versions of earth that one has access to, like some very horrible and some very lovely, almost like heaven? I hope you understand my question in detail and thank you very much for your services. I will send you all a blessing as I am(in my opinion) a very powerful healer and manifestor. Good night dear hearts.

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