Ghosts in the bathroom?

lightAl – I am new to this site, so I apologize if this is a question that has already been answered:

Since moving to a new city, I’ve been experiencing a lot more spiritual/ghost activity. Even though I have moved three different times, I have salt crystals, and I smudge regularly, the activity always seems to pick back up. In my present home I was certain that the place was “clean,” however, it seems that there has been a lot more “foot traffic” as of late. Whilst I have nothing against spirits, I find that I am empathically drained very easily. So I am trying to figure out the best techniques for “cleaning” my space. Mostly, to ask a broader question: how do the various techniques of “cleansing” differ? In other words, what do they do–what does salt do, versus what does sage do? How do spirits experience a salt boundary or a cloud of sage smoke? Are there other boundary-setting techniques that are more impenetrable, or is there an ideal technique for someone such as myself who is most impacted at an emotional level by the emotional state of spirits? Also, how do you keep ghosts (and even spirits) out of the bathroom?

Dear, blessed one, what do you believe?  The power of your conscious thought with the power of your spiritual understanding creates the boundaries.  These ancient techniques, were believed by ancient beings.  Salt was a very precious thing at one time, as precious as gold, or the mightiest of minerals.  And so, in order to be wealthy enough to scatter it about, it would certainly protect you from everything and so it was believed.

Smudging was done by the native beings, mostly because it would cause altered states of understandings.  They used different techniques at different times.  But it was in the belief system that this was created.

In truth, they like you.  Ghosts, as you call them, or beings that are choosing not to move forward into a time of learning, but staying present in the physical domain, not perhaps understanding that they are no longer dwelling in a body, or simply not willing to move forward. They want to stay alive, in a body.

And, they like you . Your light is beautiful and they are drawn to you. So, how do you protect you?  Firstly, understand that ghosts don’t read your mind, but they can hear your voice because they choose to be in the physical domain.  Now, guides, or guardians, or angels can read your heart and mind without any vibration, for they are of your essence.

So, speak out loud that, “enough is enough, you cannot come in.”  They will always be present in your beautiful light because they are drawn to it.   You could almost think of your world as dark and you are a bright beacon. Of course, they are going to come.  Of course, they are going to be drawn like moths to a light. But they don’t want to hurt you, or harm you.  They just perhaps want you to understand who they are, or perhaps they are trying to find out what on earth is happening.

Say it out loud “I don’t want you around, that you’ve had enough, stay out of my house.  See these walls, stay away.  These are my walls.  You stay away. This is my domain, this is my home.  I accept nothing but light and love within it.”

As to the bathroom, blessed one, they don’t realize it is a bathroom. They just are in their path and their world. They are not really interested in the functions of your life.  Now, perhaps you are thinking other wise it is your own fears or worries of that.  So, say it out loud “no one is allowed in here but me” and you shall be fine.  There are beings that are simply misguided, literally, my dearest, misguided.

Bless them, love them and send them on their way.  Tell them to go to the light, or find the love that  they need elsewhere.

I actually believe you enjoy their company but help them on their way.  Bless you, my child.

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