Missing a mother who has passed on

Lianne lost her mother some years ago and she still feels her very close. She had a dream that she was driving with her mother and wonders if this was a message.

Her mother is helping her, guiding her, directing her. The dream was the creation of Lianne’s need. The bond with the mother shall always be. It does not diminish even when the transformation has taken place. The energy is even stronger. I know Lianne misses the wonderful communion that they had, the talking.

Mother does put a message forward that she needs to have more friends, to find companionship, in part with other women.

Their humour, their love, their light is… and still is. Blessed child, you are not alone. Pay attention to your dreams for they tell you that you miss her. They tell you that she’s still with you, but in the spiritual car.

Photo credit: Sebastien Hamel, Unsplash

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