Take time to feel the loss in the depths of your being


My husband passed away 5 months ago and I miss him so much. I also deal with the pain of fibromyalgia and grieving seems to have made worse, is there anything I can do for my body right now to help it through this process. Thank you.

Spirit Guide:

Dearest one, know that you are not alone, that there are great beings of light and love that surround you. There is a reason for the quiet and stillness—to hear not only your inner voice but also the voice of the great beings of light that surround you. I know you are uncomfortable with the quiet, the stillness. And yet at this time it has a purpose, for in there you must feel the deep depths of your being.

This is another loss. You’ve had a few in your path. And each time you experience another you experience all of them. It is a time to cry, to feel, to be up and down and back and forth.

I know the desire is to hurry quickly through it and not feel. But your body is doing its most to make you feel. That is why the resurgence of your tightness and pain in parts of your body. Listen to your body. Allow it to feel. In time. Movement, dance has always healed you, expression of your voice. Perhaps through artistic means would be an avenue for you. As you very will know, it is an expression you have   have often admired. And know that within you it is very present.

But don’t hurry through this too soon, my dearest. It is a time to be with friends. But be sure you are truthful with them or they will shy away from you. For they will not understand if you are not feeling the depth of that that you have experienced.

You’ve often felt lonely. But this is a time when being with oneself is the most healing—to allow it flow, to ebb, to recede. You will have days of great joy and days of great despair. Feel them, blessed one. Your world might tell you there are elements of time, but there are only elements of your healing. Let you be the one to decide.

Please don’t rush this, blessed one. For rushing through this and not feeling it will only prolong it and could create even more   pain within your body. It’s all right to think of the future. It’s good to think of things you will do and be happy. And expect that, and plan that. But know that right now you are somewhat in a time warp of healing.

Eat—good food, nurturing things. Listen to things that soothe your soul. Wear things that are comforting, nurturing. And draw into the circle of your life beings that you feel at peace with, that you can be truthful and who you are with.

Yes, a life’s path must have these things, and what might be thought of as the most uncomfortable, difficult times are the times of greatest growth.

You are not alone, blessed one. Ask of the light that surrounds you and you shall receive if you are still and open. Bless you, my child.

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