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Ann P1130102writes:

Dear Guides, A friend of mine has become palliative. She was very healthy up to a rapid deterioration two months ago. The specialists have not determined the cause or the illness. The MRI was not conclusive. What is happening to my friend medically? Is this part of one of her promises to experience this critical illness? Is healing still possible? Thank you for any clarity and light you can share.

The guide responds – click here for the audio message Miracles

Dearest one, the being you ask about is experiencing something almost similar to what is called toxic shock. There is a viral component that turns bacterial and causes all-over shutdown of different systems in the body. There are many viral situations that are not yet understood in your world.

When you are with your blessed friend or when you are thinking of her, send your energy. Your friend might feel that touch is overwhelming at this time, but simply by being near or putting your hands close, it can help.

It is true that the being is at a time and place of trying to decide whether to stay or to go. And this is entirely up to the being. But do not lose hope, blessed one, for all things are possible.

There is great concern for you. You are very, very… ah, sad. Sad, yes, that is the best word. You have been asking to just see one miracle, that it is possible, that all the many things you have heard about can be realized. Oh blessed one, you are a miracle, the miracle of experience, the miracle of growth. It is a simple word but it means truth, growing, love. All these things together can have great sadness.

Yes, even sadness can be a miracle—if it creates growth. You have heard people say that some disease or disorder was the best thing that ever happened to them, for it created growth and helped them to see and to be, even for a very short time. It was achieved and so they call it a miracle.

I will tell you: from my point of view all of you are miracles. Your world, it all balances to beautifully. I know you all become very concerned and focused on one area or another, but if you step back and look with the greatness of your being you will see the blessed miracle you all are, it all is. You will see that to be present in your physical world at this time you have the opportunity of creating the most amazing physical planet that could ever be.

Take up this challenge now. Know that you are all miracle workers, for you have the ability to choose what is right for you. Know that what is right for you will create a miracle for you. Worry not how other societies or other beings be. Be that that you are; be your truth, be your radiant light. And this will affect all, for as each light becomes brighter and brighter there will be no darkness.

Bless you, my dearest, for you are a being of great love. Be not sad, but be grateful for that that you have had and for that that you have now. And know that you are a miracle.

She was asking about miracles.

I know. She wants her friend to be healed by a miracle. It is miraculous that her friend is.

It is hard to understand while you dwell in bodies. You are separated by these bodies and you forget that we are all one. They are cumbersome are they not?And they are confusing for your mind.  You see, I see your spirit before I see your body. Your light radiates much beyond the surface of your body. You all are beautiful lights.

And if we ask for a miracle, it sometimes happens, and sometimes it maybe happens in a way we didn’t’ ask for. And I think she is asking why sometimes people are cured and sometimes they are not. Is it part of their path, or promise?

You have put a word upon something that was always meant to be, perhaps. The word “miracle,” I could simply say, “promise fulfilled.”

It is only when you sit in judgment that you see your need to have what you call a miracle. Let go of this. Be that that you are. And let others be what they are—in every instant.

In every instant be joyful and glad that it is, and that it was, and that a being had an opportunity to be, to grow, to experience. Be love. Love has within it sadness; it has within it happiness. It has all the elements of the physical domain.

No, there is nothing wrong with asking for what you consider the best outcome. But then you are judging what is the best outcome. I know, it is not a terrible negative to judge in this way. You want that that is to continue. But I will tell you, those that be and leave do continue—as you know my blessed one. As you know, they be in the light, in a time of moving forward. They are not uncomfortable, nor are they distressed. They be in a time of great learning, just as you are.

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  1. Gail Graham January 2, 2015 at 3:18 am - Reply

    I would like to ask the spirit guides if they know what is wrong with my neck and throat, and what I can do about it. Thank you, Gail

  2. Cindar January 4, 2015 at 5:39 pm - Reply

    I feel like I have to be perfect to avoid trouble. It’s like I never get cut any slack like I see other people cut slack. I can’t express anger or I’m punished. Other people don’t even care to apologize to me when they do wrong. I don’t want to fear people anymore. I don’t want to be hurt or feel fear from them anymore over anything for any reason regardless of what they do or say to me like making up lies, accusing me of wrongdoing, or any unfair and unjust thing. I have felt this for too long already. My life has been controlled by it. No more. No more.

    It took all I had to try to keep calm over the apartment situation by recalling Bible verses recently for my cat’s sake. If my cat had suffered because of this woman’s actions, I don’t know what I would have done. Did my cat suffer? Regardless of what the circumstances may be, how do I avoid having such fear as with that incident for my mental and physical health’s sake and my pets’ as well? Given my social experience here, is this place a good place for me to purchase a home? Is this even a good time? I want to be near my nieces, but my experience in that state and them moving in about 8 years makes me reluctant. Or Atlanta, Ashville, Charlotte. Please advise. Thank you.

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