When a loved one passes over

SpiritThe message below is a continuation of a blog post “Anniversary of a son’s passing.”

When we lose a loved one and it is such a time of sadness here and yet…

Guide – It is a time of celebration in the light.

So how can we reconcile our sadness and loss if our departed loved one is happy and is still growing?

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I do want you to understand that a being does not pass over and is instantly dancing and is jumping up and down in joy. There is a time of awe.  You perhaps have seen it when a child enters into your world; a time of wonderment. I believe when you look into their eyes when they first arrive, you see a world.

The same experience is that when one truly separates from the physical domain and is totally in spirit; not in the light, but just in spirit and still present in your physical world.  They see and feel the pain that is created and caused by their leaving. They understand your great loss but they feel a oneness with all, that they are in the right place at the right time. They don’t feel awkward, or uncomfortable.  But it is not joyful laughter and dancing.  It is a great oneness feeling.

There is always a possibility for them to interact. But truly, the greatest thing for them to do now is to be, to learn how their growth affected others and how it affected them and did they achieve that that they promised themselves they would do so.

Did she have a promise with him to be his mother?


You make choices but was this a promise that this would happen?

Yes, before birth.

So the choice, before birth, or the part of the promise was that he would leave early, before she did?

Yes, to balance learning, something you, my blessed one, understand very well.

You see, you dwell in a time of learning. All things must be understood. Every one of your religious writings speak of understanding both sides, that a balance must be made. And this is all part of that greater balance in the spirit of that being.  You all must walk in fear, and in joy, and in loss and in love, in receiving and letting go in order to be whole and one.

Evolved beings have a great understanding of this and pretty much have only a few things left to do, but they feel much more intensely because they have walked it and seen it and experienced it.  Not just from two sides, but some experiences are, well, how many facets can you cut in a diamond?  There can be many ways to one learning, many experiences to the one understanding.  Nothing to fear, just know when you are in those moments of great learning, be still.  Be filled with wonder and gratitude for you chose to give yourself this opportunity.

It is very difficult, I understand, when you are losing one you cherish and love. But if you be present with them you will see, all is well.

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