Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Women, judge yourself against no other. You are in a unique and wonderful experience. Draw upon the Grandmother Wisdom that you all possess. All things are possible when you hold your world with unconditional love. Love, Jane   Image inspired by Yaoqi Lai Unsplash  

A new year, a new world

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A beautiful high guide, we refer to as the Teacher, shared this message. Hello. You dwell in a new world, so approach it this way. Do not expect old learning and old teachings to fulfill the world you are now present in. Be creative. Be open. Release your ability to judge others, but see them for who they be. Allow [...]

Ask yourself: why am I unhappy with me?

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Moving through the wounds of childhood to forgiveness and love of one's self As I get older, I sometimes find myself feeling angry and envious of other women public figures who have successful careers, a family, and a healthy social life. I know my upbringing & experiences may have been different from theirs, but that only [...]

A guide talks about allowing others their space

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I am so tired of trying and failing in friendships over and over again. In truth, you want very much to be part of the whole and you need to have a few tools in which to re-enter it. As I said to you before, you have been out of circulation of many society situations. [...]

Your Spiritual Toolbox – Touch

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This is a continuing conversation.  If you wish to review previous messages please enter Spiritual Toolbox in the search field. A spirit guide is sharing a message each week to help us see what is in our spiritual toolbox.   Click here to listen to this week's message Guide Your spiritual toolbox, you want to think of [...]

Spiritual Toolbox – Trust

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We've asked the guides to share a weekly message to assist us in seeing what is in our Spiritual Toolbox. This week's message is about Trust.  Elizabeth - I need a tool to access my son who is missing. Trust.  Trust is one of those things in what you call your “Toolbox” that is very often forgotten [...]

You must have the ability to express who you are

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Can the guides please give me some guidance on my current living situation? I am mentally ready to move forward on a new path, however,I feel unsure of how to make that happen. I would also like to know what would assist me the most in raising and maintaining a high vibration during my hormonal [...]

Do you see what’s in your “Spiritual Toolbox?”

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We've asked the spirit guides if they can assist us with some "tools" that we can use in our daily lives. Once a week one of the guides will bring forward a message, or a teaching, on this topic.   We invite you to share our site and the messages of the guides with those you [...]

Who are you?

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A guide shares a message for a new year.  Click here to listen Guide The element of being physical is a gathering together of energies into one form represented by a body. And it seems as if in your physical world at the beginning of a new year, beings like to stop and think about what [...]