We’ve asked the guides to share a weekly message to assist us in seeing what is in our Spiritual Toolbox. This week’s message is about Trust.

 Elizabeth – I need a tool to access my son who is missing.

Trust.  Trust is one of those things in what you call your “Toolbox” that is very often forgotten in your world.  In fact, many parents raise their children saying they should trust, but then not fulfilling that trust to them and so they don’t feel it strong within themselves.

To trust that your thoughts, that your prayers, that your vision of being and holding this one close to you, will be and shall be.  You must believe that beyond all else.  Do you realize if you believe that you can walk on water, you shall? Do you know the power of that grey matter that is in your brain, that is in your body, that is your toolbox is told what to do and how to do it by you.  You are not that brain. You are the energy, the spirit.  You are the sum of all experiences and the growth they have created for you.

Trust can be gained even when lost.  It can be brought back to the now by going within. The simple fact that you trust that there will be the next breath. Bring it down to the simplest of understanding that you trust that your skin will hold you together, that your blood will take oxygen to your brain, that your lungs will expand and that you BE.  Therefore, trust in that that you created to teach you your lessons, your promises.  There is a reason and in that there will be good.