TravelCindar – dear guides, for my upcoming move, I want to move directly into a home that I purchase in a location that is best suited for me to live out the rest of my life on my current fixed income. I am tired of moving.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money visiting several cities to decide where to live. Right now, I see rural areas around Asheville or Charlotte in North Carolina and rural areas around Memphis, TN as options. Will you tell me if any of these are good options and if not, help me by suggesting a state? I am depending on a loan I applied for to help me, but there are time limits. However, I don’t want to stress my cat Brownie out with a move nor do I subconsciously want him to die so that I can move. I hope you know what I mean. Is it helpful to use numerology when deciding? Thank you.

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My dear, little one, you are all over the place.  You are trying on many different aspects and that is alright.  But do put your place or need to be in a different place, above experiencing that that is present now.

You quite often do not find comfort in the now, in the moment that you be in.  You worry about what was and project yourself into that that might be and the scenario is tenuous.

Oh, dearest one, to be still, to go for walks being still in yourself, not caught up by all that is and  others are doing, but be present in your world, to think of those that you know and support you.  Even if you don’t agree of their support for you, they are there for you.

You were told once, a long time ago, to travel;  to come outside of your little shell and see the world.  Well, this is still an actual need for you to do.  You cannot just take yourself and plunk yourself somewhere else and know this will be it forever. Forever can be a very long road, blessed one.

So, go out, travel about your place.  Go for little trips.  See how far away you want to go from this place.  Many things you have not tried that you need to do; to join other social groups of  different types, perhaps a new and different spiritual understanding.  And I am not speaking of religion. I am speaking of different truths that you need to perhaps just go and be present in.

You worry a great deal about your little friend, your cat.  It is not out of the realm of being acceptable to think that if this little one wasn’t a burden to you that you would have more peace.  But at this time, love this little one and just enjoy their presence.  I told you before that these beings feel the stress that you carry and that affects them greater than any food you give them. They are like the little litmus paper.  When you are unhappy, they will be unhappy.

Now, I know they have given you a time in which you must leave this place, but most of that came out of anger and I am sure it all could be settled quite easily if you spoke, if you were still.  Allow people their angst, allow them their need to speak and then you will be heard.

They are not against you, blessed one.  They are not.  They really do want you to do and be happy.  Now then, in a calm and a quiet understanding I want you to seek another place if that is what you choose, but stay within your area of comfort.  Try to meet some new beings in different social groups.  This will help you a great deal.