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Your spiritual toolbox, you want to think of it as something you carry with you. But I will tell you at hand, it is who you are. It is your body, all of its emotions and all of your senses, those that are perceived and those that are not understood.

The one thing is you must never close the lid on this toolbox.  Let it be limitless. Let it be known that you are always growing and learning with every second of your experience in your physical domain. So, don’t be surprised if something is new, don’t panic and don’t fear that it is unknown.

The condition and fear of the unknown is ancient in your society, but it doesn’t need to be so strong.  Oh, you will never release fear completely but you can have a choice as to how it affects your physical body.  But let’s not think of these things now.

Let’s put in the toolbox a sense of touch. Touch is a great communicator when words fail, touch nearly always communicates.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to a person and those that recoil from you then simply just open your palms and send the energy to them.  No, no, you do not need to lift them high as if shunning them, but gently by your sides open your palms towards the being and open your heart to them.

When it is possible to touch a being that is in need, gently upon their hand, sensing with each movement if it is acceptable to them.  And once the touch is connected the amount of energy that pours from one being into another becomes a circle back and forth. Be prepared to feel what that being is feeling and be prepared  for them to feel instant awareness and love for you, for you must love them with this touch.

Touch of one being to another is a very important part of being in a human body.  A child must be touched in order to thrive and so must you continue this in your entire path.  You will to find in times of greatest need in your societies ups and downs that touch will wane back and forth.  When there is great negativity at hand, beings will recoil and not touch one another.  When there is love and positive things occurring in a society they will touch, they will handshake and they will hug.  It is a natural thing to do, even those societies might put conditions upon it. So, use touch.

Know for yourself if you feel very weary that you need touch even if you must go and pay coins to have massage. Or, perhaps it would be wise if you could even ask a friend for a hug. Those very evolved beings are not afraid to do this and  also you might be quite amazed very new souls will often demand much more touch.

You are one with each other.  Be not be afraid of each other. Embrace.  Be the light that you are. Put touch in your toolbox.

Bless you my children, my blessed ones.  I speak “children” as not in less than but I feel one with all of you.

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    Do we all have a purpose for being here in form?

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